Our first dirty bomb clan server


English: We rented our first server! We hope that there will be more recruitment options in the near future and we will have many visitors. Clan training will of course come soon 😉 Look for our server: [KRY] German Clanserver (hosted by Deutsch: Wir haben unseren ersten Server gemietet! Wir hoffen, dass es …

first clan war

First clan war in Dirty Bomb


Our first clan war victory! First clan war and first victory. So it starts with our Dirty Bomb Clan very well. Let’s see how long our happiness lasts. If you want to see all the matches: click here   Erster Clan War und erster Sieg. So startet es mit unserem deutschen Dirty Bomb Clan sehr …


Foundation of KRYTEX


We founding a new german clan named KRYTEX for Dirty Bomb After months of thinking about what to play, we decided on Dirty Bomb. A game that is perfect for teamwork for our clan KRYTEX. We are a german Dirty Bomb clan and play with fun but with professionalism. If you want to join us …